Our complaints process

Our dispute resolution process focuses on feedback, where an expression of dissatisfaction about the service or action of a staff member cannot be resolved at the first point of contact. The dispute resolution process is accessible at no cost to all who ask.

Your feedback is very important to us.


Making a complaint

A person can make a complaint in person, by visiting one of our offices during normal business hours.

You can also telephone us or send us a letter or email. You can also contact us via our website or the Ministry of Social Development’s website.

Within two working days of receiving your complaint, the Trust will contact you to acknowledge the concern, and confirm the boundaries of the complaint and the parties to the complaint. The specific issues will need to be reviewed.

The complaint cannot be altered during the process. We will record your complaint on our complaints register. Our service manager will review the register monthly and report cases and outcomes to the Board when it meets.

We will acknowledge your complaint by letter or email to each affected party and advise you of the process to follow. In the first instance, the Trust will try to remedy the complaint within 10 working days.

A manager will manage the complaint independently of the affected staff member. If the matter cannot be resolved, the service’s Board will consider the complaint. If the Trust or Board resolves the complaint, the outcome will be recorded in the Trust’s complaints register.

If the complaint remains unresolved after 20 working days of the complaint being lodged, we will ask MSD to look into the complaint by emailing .

We have zero tolerance for violence. If a client’s behaviour is abusive towards our staff, verbal or otherwise, this may cause the complaint not to be investigated by the Trust and be referred to the MSD.


Learnings from complaints will be used to continuously improve our services.
If you’d like to give us feedback you can do so by completing the form on our contact page
Thank you for your feedback.